Verdant Equinox EP

Verdant Equinox EP - cover image

Track previews

  • Verdigris Fir

  • Cinquefoil Rex

  • Pattern Matching

  • Terrarium

  • Green Owl Moon

  • Verdant Equinox


Dogsolitude_uk's "Verdant Equinox EP" grew from a personal experiment in electronic music composition started in the Summer of 2013 and ending in Summer 2014.

Combining fuzzy, distorted bass lines, mathematically-generated sound-textures, and influences from genres as diverse as chillout, 90's ambient house, industrial, dubstep and jazz, this collection represents a selection of pieces produced by Dogsolitude_uk that explore the themes of Summer, technology, nature and spirit.

"Verdant Equinox EP" will be released on Sunday 21st September: the Autumnal Equinox.

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