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Last Night

Went out for a few drinks with some old friends, and accidentally started drinking a very dark ale who’s name I don’t recall. Discovered that the birthday boy, an old friend I’ve known for nigh on twenty years, used to play chess for the local teams when he was at school.


Working on Kent websites still. A bit of tightening up needing doing


Full of brick dust still, and I’m developing a bit of a cough! Keeping windows open wherever possible. Brickwork and plastering should be finished next week, meaning that…


…my study, my ‘auxiliary brain in room form’, with my desktop PC workstation, books etc, will be back finally. I’ll also be able to have a bed as well. My lack of study and general workspace has made me utterly, utterly miserable. I hate not having access to my desktop PC. I can’t play The Witcher or do Photoshop stuff. Mind you though, my laptop’s fine for light programming tasks and HTML/Javascript/jQuery stuff

Adding a pause button to Fritz 12

Thanks to the fact that telephones ring and people will occasionally demand one’s attention at the most inopportune moments, it’s highly likely that you may need to pause a game of chess in Fritz. Here’s how to make a Pause Key. I couldn’t find one, but there’s a ‘Stop Clocks’ function buried in the menu, so it’s possible to make a keyboard shortcut:

1. Green Button->Customize
2. Scroll down the enormous list of commands, and select ‘Stop Clocks’
3. Type desired button/key combination (e.g. ‘p’) into ‘New Shortcut’
4. Click Assign

Hey Presto, you can now pause a game of chess in Fritz by hitting the ‘P’ key if your Mum phones.

Let Children Be Children

Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, and for once I’m inclined to believe that the Conservatives are doing something I agree with. Whereas Corporations have the legally ‘fictitious’ status of ‘entities’ in their own right, they don’t have the morals or scruples of what common-law would term the ‘reasonable man’. They are driven and motivated solely by profit in a way that were an person to behave in such a manner they would be considered obsessive and sociopathic. As such I believe that Corporations *should* be subject to regulation from the Government and also from pressure form the Public when they transgress ‘reasonable’ boundaries.

Driven by shareholder sentiment, Corporations pull out all the stops to make cash, and one way of doing so is to appeal to our baser instincts. Sex is one of the most amazing things a human being can enjoy, and so it gets leveraged by corporations at every available marketing opportunity, resulting in tits and arses plastered all over the place, allusions to oral sex in food adverts and soft-porn ‘Lads Mags’ decking the shelves of WH Smiths.

I’m no Mary Whitehouse. I love sex, rudery, erotica and ‘Gentleman’s Recreational Photography’ despite having some serious misgivings about the porn industry and its treatment of women (never been able to reconcile that). However, I don’t believe that sexual themes should be permeating, via advertising billboards and magazine covers, our social and public spaces to the extent that they do. I also don’t think that sexy stuff is good for kids either, and was somewhat horrified by the extension of the Playboy brand into the fields of pencil cases and little pink t-shirts. I wouldn’t want my kids routing through my porn stash, watching Baise Moi or surfing Red Tube, and I certainly wouldn’t want my little daughter (were I to have one) dressing in sexually provocative clothing.

As such I was rather pleased to see that Cameron and his Downing Street Irregulars had hatched the following (from The Independent):

“Shops should have to display “lads’ mags” in plain covers and stop selling suggestive clothes to pre-teens under a range of measures backed by David Cameron to protect children from sexualised imagery.

Music videos should carry cinema-style certificates, advertisers should be discouraged from putting up raunchy posters near schools and broadcasting regulators should be instructed to clamp down on explicit programmes before the 9pm watershed.

Sounds good to me. I believe that kids should learn about sex and relationships from responsible sources before being exposed to potentially stirring and confusing material.


Glad I bought that Lucozade.

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