Hello world! Well, WordPress anyway.

Dogsolitude_uk has just migrated to WordPress. There’s a lot of housekeeping to do now, involving admin user accounts, importing blog posts and sorting out a suitable development environment and coding workflow…

At time of writing, this site is not generally visible to the public, and has been hidden from Google using a <robots> tag. This should stop it being indexed until I’ve sorted out the Theme, content and changed the DNS records to point to the WordPress installation rather than my placeholder page.

Currently I have the following setup:

  • WordPress 4.9.8, using the Twenty Seventeen theme, installed both locally and remotely
  • A custom Child Theme that restyles some aspects of the CSS, images
  • …which in turn is held in a GIT repository to facilitate local development

At the moment it’s all very much work in progress. Ideally I’d like the whole installation on GIT so I can be confident it’s identical across my development and live environments, but for the time being just syncing the Theme files will do.

So far I’m very impressed with WordPress, and now I have my own installation (as opposed to working on someone else’s) I’m looking forward to really pulling it apart and seeing how it all fits together…

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