General update #918264


Last night I had a shockingly bad dream. Or rather a sequence of dreams. I’d gone to sleep in the study on my new air bed, because sleeping on the Futon in the living room was killing my back. I dozed off, and was awoken by two pairs of hands viciously grabbing me. I woke up with a start, only to be lunged at by a towering spectral figure in the corner of he room. This woke me up (again), and I found I was blind and paralysed. I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t. I freed my hands, and attempted to open them manually only to succeed in tearing my own face off. And I woke up, with a start, again.

I noticed a theme here, and realised I was stuck in a bit of a loop of ‘false awakenings’. In the current one, it was very dark but I could tell that the furnituree in the study has in the wrong places so I knew I was still dreaming. Once I realised what was going on, I wasn’t unduly worried and set about finding a way to wake myself up. I manged to gain some awareness of my physical body, but unfortunately my consciousness wasn’t quite conscious enough to move it, and I was still suffering from sleep paralysis. Took me ages to wiggle, shout (well, go ‘mnurgh…’) and generally get myself out of that.

Once I’d woken up (again) I did a quick reality-check: I could say my own name, remember my bank account number and where I was, and the clock next to me was showing sensible numbers and not a peculiar arrangement of suns, moons and fish. That’ll teach me to eat Chilli late at night…


I keep getting phone calls from Indian guys trying to tell me that my bank is going to repay me something-or-other because of some PPI-or-other I apparently took out. Thing is, I have no debts, no PPI or anything like that. I am 100% solvent, apart from a residual index-linked Student Loan (which I could pay off easily, but the money’s earning more interest than I’d save by paying it off – besides, they’re in no rush for it).

When a phone call starts with a barefaced lie, I usually let them ramble on until they hoist themselves with their own petard. With this guy I asked him which bank was involved and how much it could be, and which loan the PPI was for. He didn’t know. I’m truly curious as to how many people fall for this bollocks. I explained to him eventually that I knew this was a scam, and that therefore he was a criminal, and asked him if his parents were proud of his career.

The Weekend

This weekend’s going to be egregiously busy. I need to clear out the study, take stuff to the dump (thanks witz66 :), move stuff from kitchen to Study for use over the next fortnight, and other stuff I’m storing needs to go into the bedroom. I also need to ensure I have enough clothes washed to last me two weeks (14 pairs socks, 14 pairs boxer shorts, 10 work shirts, 2 pairs trousers) and that everything’s ironed and hung up. I also need to obtain some dust sheets.

This is all easily do-able, so I’m not mightily fussed by it all now. In a fortnight’s time I should have a new kitchen, and in three weeks time once the bathroom’s done the bedroom’s being finished.